Production Capacity
Hi-Q production capacity is around 60,000kg per month. It depends the product design requested by the customers.
At this moment, product ranged from width at 660mm and thickness at 1.2mm

Cost leadership
By using the automatic high speed vacuum forming machine, we request less manpower and increase the output. HI-Q achieve economic of scale. HI-Q strong design and tooling work back up and the lead times are always kept to an absolute minimum, cause the tooling costs are always very competitive. HI-Q is able to reduce its unit cost.

Our team members have more than 15 years of cumulative experience and knowledge in thermo-vacuum formed plastic packaging tray. HI-Q places strong emphasis on its product quality and conducts stringent quality control over all its production process to ensure that its products conform to the highest standards to meet or exceed customers’ requirements. HI-Q strong design and tooling work back up and the continuous development of moulds and die to ensure that high quality moulds and die to produce high standard products. The high speed or automatic machines ensure that the products with high quality can be delivered to customers on time.






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